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Labrador Labradoodle Poodle Comparisons

Breed Comparisons. Advanced Breed Comparison Research On: Labs - Labradoodles - Poodles

There Are Many Advantages To The Most Popular Canine Breeds: Lab Retriever - Labradoodle – Poodles.  Solano Dogs focuses on differences between these breeds versus touting the breed’s advantages over other dog breeds.

Grooming: Do Labs Or Labradoodles Require Less Grooming? Answers Are Not What Labradoodle Enthusiasts Might Want You To Believe.
• Labradoodles & Poodles: may require more maintenance time than labs due to: 1. Frequent trimming (time taken to a groomer or do it yourself). 2. Combing perhaps every other day to avoid hair matting. 3. You might be lucky to avoid a shed proof Labradoodle thought. Should they roll in the ground or run into the bushes, their fur/hair may catch more debris than Labradors.
• Labradors: 1. Brushing. 2. Will shed some even if brushed frequently.  Consider getting furniture or furniture covers to match your lab’s fur color. Chocolate Labradors are easy matches in that “mocha” is a popular standard color even for bed sheets. My lab’s hair does not appear to stick on my clothing like cat hair? Many may say Labradoodles require less care if you spend hours focusing on dealing with hair shed by labradors. 

Who to believe about easier dog grooming breed: Key might be to just accept dog hair and you’ll save time with the labrador retriever breed?

Personality & Intelligence:
• Equally smart.
• Labs more friendly to other people and other animals than doodles/poodles.
• Doodles & poodles maybe equally loving as labs, but doodles and poodles express it more by cuddling than Labradors? My chocolate lab likes to sit and sleep with me though.
• Yappy: Labs are less yappy than poodle and Labradoodles.

Other Labradoodle Poodle Labrador Comparisons:
• Exercise: Labs a bit require less exercise (relatively speaking)
• Being left at home: Labradoodles/Poodles might have a harder time?  But labs chew more when younger.
• Allergens: The right Labradoodle can be non allergenic.
• Longevity: Large poodles shown to live shorter lives than Labradors? Different sources give different info. Smaller dogs tend to live longer.

• Labradoodle traits are less predictable as the "doodle" is the new cross breed between Labradors and poodles. So studying the traits of more stable Labrador and poodle breeds may help you better understand the labra doodle’s possible traits.
• This Solano Dog site is about generalities. Nothing is warranted (NothingWarranted.Com).

Supporting Lab vs. Labradoodle vs. Poodle Sources:

Compare Labrador With Poodle Traits: Read the descriptions by the same web site. This "side by side" poodle versus Labrador comparison can help:

Comparison #1:
(look up other size poodles here too)

Comparison #2:
Doodles: Nothing on the new Labradoodles breed's varying traits

Doodles: Nothing on the new Labradoodles breed's varying traits

Another Canine Breed Comparison:
This site states Labradoodles live a bit longer than Labs, though larger poodles are shown to live shorter lives than labs on other sites. Is cross breeding enough to bring this difference? Labs and Doodles both have health issues.

More Labradoodle Versus Labrador Research:
• Every dog is different.  No Lab Labradoodle Poodle comparison can cover all the bases. There isn't enough information about their differences on the web that Solano Dogs ™ and Chocolate Labrador Society ™could find.  
• Search Lab to Labradoodle Comparisons: Try using the following doodle lab poodle dog trait search strategies.  Past the below in Google. Then modify it as needed:
1: ("labradoodle versus labrador" OR "labradoodles versus labradors" OR "labrador versus labradoodle" OR "labradors versus labradoodles") (comb OR combing OR brush OR brushing). Also search for Golden doodles and Golden Retrievers.
2: ("poodle versus labrador" OR "poodles versus labradors" OR "labrador versus poodle" OR "labradors versus poodles").

Golden Retrievers Versus GoldenDoodles, Poodles & Labrador Retrievers:
• Also consider Golden Retrievers! But goldens shed maybe as much as labs but with longer hair though). 
• DNA: Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers are genetically similar. Golden retrievers might be a slight bit more friendlily but then you have more hair mess.  
• Love: Many have concluded that giving your Labrador retriever lots of love will make your lab more loving than many golden retrievers.

Also check out the blog on the pet door invention that gets dogs and cat to clean their paws before they can come inside. Post any additional Lab - Labradoodle - Poodle breed comparisons comments.


  1. Labs Make Better Service Dogs Than Labradoodles:

    Labradoodles and Poodles have been considered less ideal candidates for becoming a service dog. Check into Labrador Retrievers for service dog needs.

    Also explore German Shepherds. This is not to say that there are no excellent Labradoodle service dogs however. Doodles are still cute and smart in other ways.

    But in what other ways do labradoodles and labrador retrievers differ intelligence and dog skill wise?